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<p>2. EL KİTAPTIR. ÇOK İYİ DURUMDADIR</p><p>DİLİ İNGİLİZCEDİR&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;From the Reviews<span style="background-color: #faebd7;">:</span><br style="background-color: #faebd7;" /></p><ul style="background-color: #faebd7;"><li>"<em>Reversible Errors</em>&nbsp;manages to be thoroughly compelling and also reasonably believable, perhaps the best thing he has written." -&nbsp;Jeff Glorfeld, The Age&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>"But while the reader quickly becomes immersed in these characters' lives, the cheesy contrivances of the story line (...) undermine trust in Mr. Turow's narrative. (...) Much as the reader comes to care about Mr. Turow's characters, one ends up wishing that these people had been involved in a more compelling legal case -- and a more compelling novel." -&nbsp;Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>"The solution to the novel's legal problem is a satisfyingly intricate one, and nobody will want his money back on the plot. But the echoes that will remain in your mind after you've finished&nbsp;<em>Reversible Errors</em>&nbsp;will mainly have to do with the novel's other elements." -&nbsp;Wendy Lesser, The New York Times Book Review&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>"<em>Reversible Errors</em>&nbsp;is a novel with enough twists to make it a satisfying puzzle. It also has some meaty and dramatic courtroom duels. Its great strength, however, is that it's rooted in this bunch of utterly believable characters. Even minor characters are drawn with care. (...)&nbsp;<em>Reversible Errors</em>&nbsp;is a thoughtful delineation of the interaction between law and life, a humane examination of flawed people and an engrossing mystery. Terrific. " -&nbsp;Peter Guttridge, The Observer&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>"Turow brings to the mix his usual deft hand with characters, fleshing out the entire cast and making their actions plausible. He also provides enough surprises to keep the story moving and the reader guessing." -&nbsp;David Lazarus, San Francisco Chronicle&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>"It is hugely interesting, and Turow has an almost religious reverence for the bleak majesty of the legal process. It is when Turow starts writing that we encounter problems" -&nbsp;Sam Leith, Sunday Telegraph&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>"(T)his is not so much a straightforward thriller as a soap opera with three intertwined plots, each of which contains "reversible errors" that lead to their resolution. As such it is a hugely successful construct. Every twist and turn of the legal procedure --described as ever in meticulous detail without becoming tedious -- is tied in with the tortuous evolution of each side’s personal relationships." -&nbsp;Peter Millar, The Times&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>"Turow struggles with tone and an almost religious inflation in the love stories, but&nbsp;<em>Reversible Errors</em>&nbsp;is an absorbing and unsettling treatment of complex material." -&nbsp;Sean O'Brien, Times Literary Supplement&nbsp;<br /><br /></li><li>"<em>Reversible Errors</em>&nbsp;is Turow's sixth novel and one of his best. (...) It is a complicated story --&nbsp;<em>all</em>&nbsp;Turow's stories are complicated -- but not merely in terms of dramatis personae and plot. What makes it interesting is that it is complicated legally and morally as well as structurally." -&nbsp;Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post</li></ul>&nbsp;<p>&nbsp;</p>